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Services & Sustainability Coordinator - Americorps
Title:Services & Sustainability Coordinator - Americorps
Dept:Furniture Bank



AmeriCorps Recruitment Listing Instructions

Program Year Sept 1, 2018 – Aug 31, 2019

Candidates must submit an on-line AmeriCorps application (click on the link below). For the member enrollment packet that must be completed prior to your member’s start date you will need to include a copy of the AmeriCorps application and two references with the packet. Enrollment packet is not complete without these three documents and will delay the member’s start date.

AmeriCorps Recruitment Listing

Project name: Catholic Charities Eastern Washington Furniture Bank

Full time 1,700-Hour Positions:

09/01/18 – 07/15/19 09/16/18 – 07/31/19 10/01/18 – 08/15/19 10/16/18 – 08/31/19

Full time 900-Hour Positions:

11/16/18 – 05/15/19 12/01/18 – 05/31/19 01/16/18 – 07/15/19 02/01/18 – 07/31/19 02/16/18 – 08/15/19

Contact Information:

First and Last Name: Sam Dompier


Street Address:

917 E Trent


City, State and Zip + 4:

Spokane, Wa 99202


Contact Phone:






Program Overview:

The Furniture Bank supports vulnerable community members by providing furniture to homeless households as they move into stable housing and employment training opportunities to assist individuals to obtain competitive employment.

Program Description:

Catholic Charities Eastern Washington’s Furniture Bank (CCEWFB) creates a more vibrant and sustainable community by accepting donated furniture and household items to provide to low-income and homeless individuals as they transition into stable housing. In addition to providing furniture to households in need, the Furniture Bank has a job training program that provides support for individuals looking to obtain competitive employment. The Next Step program is a partnership with Career Path services and participants gain valuable experience of working either in the warehouse or office.

This AmeriCorps position, contingent on funding, supports the Furniture Bank by helping to increase the efficiencies of Furniture Bank processes and procedures in order to increase the number of households/people served each year as well as supporting participants in the Next Step program develop employment skills and seek competitive employment. Additionally, in an effort to be consistent with the Furniture Bank’s aim to create sustainable and vibrant communities, this position will focus directly on decreasing our environmental footprint by exploring sustainable solutions for disposal of excess materials received.


Accepting Applications:

From: April 20th , 2018


To: August 15th, 2018




What benefits does your program offer?

Childcare (if eligible)

Education Award upon successful completion of service

Health Coverage




Select any terms and conditions of member service that apply to your program.

Permit attendance at school during off hours

Permits working at another job during off hours

Uniforms provided and required

The age range is:

Minimum Age: 18 (17 years of age with parental permission)

Maximum Age: None

Desired Education Level (one only):


Associate Degree (AA)


What skills would you like potential members to possess?


General Skills


Community Organization



Team Work

Do you have a language requirement? Yes No

What will your AmeriCorps member(s) do?:

This position is focused on three outcomes:

1) Increase access to furniture and other essential household items to previously homeless individuals/families transitioning into stabilized housing, and low-income households;

2) Support low-income, unemployed individuals in the CCFB employment program to develop skills and obtain competitive employment;

3) Decrease the environmental impact of the CCFB by exploring sustainable solutions for disposal of excess materials that are not usable by the Furniture Bank or its clients;

This position will oversee job training participants and volunteers, ensuring that those working in the warehouse are adequately trained and supported during the process of picking up and processing donations and delivering furniture to households in need. Additionally, this position will work with Next Step participants by providing coaching on skills of professionalism, resume and cover letter writing and giving regular feedback to participants on professional growth opportunities.

Key Essential Functions:

  1. Routinely refer to Member Service Agreement requirements
  2. Oversee work of 2-10 job training participants referred to SCW by DSHS as a means to increase employability, operating within the framework of Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership model;
  3. Assist with the CCFB’s Medicaid Supported Employment program through providing assistance with resume, cover letter and job interviewing skill development as needed;
  4. Assist with job development for participants in the CCFB Employment programs, including making contact with potential employers based on the participant’s expressed interest in employment as needed;
  5. Facilitate regular assessment conversations with Employment Program participants, providing constructive feedback and professional growth opportunities;
  6. Explore opportunities that will allow CCSFB to dispose excess materials in an environmentally and economically sustainable way; One specific opportunity will include the exploration and possible implementation of a mattress-recycling program.
  7. Seek out partnership opportunities to increase efficiency of service delivery for vulnerable community members;
  8. Develop healthy and constructive team dynamic focused on impeccable customer service, professional development and inclusivity;
  9. Participate as integral part of CCSFB’s leadership team;
  10. Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor;

Additional Duties:

  1. Plan work schedules and assign duties to maintain adequate staff for effective performance of activities and response to fluctuating workloads.
  2. Collaborate with co-workers and volunteers to solve project-related problems.
  3. Assess warehouse inventory and collaborate with supervisors to further implement and hone a sustainable on-site and on-line inventory system.
  4. Assist with the coordination of volunteers at the warehouse to facilitate receipt of donations from ZAGiving, as well as other donation drives.
  5. Model professional behaviors, delegate tasks appropriately and provide timely constructive feedback to Employment participants; evaluate participant performance and prepare performance appraisals as needed.
  6. Recruit and retain consistent flow of volunteers by way of community involvement, volunteer coordination software and collaboration with Catholic Charities of Spokane Volunteer Coordinator.
  7. Review volunteer and Employment Program participant work throughout the process and at completion to ensure that it has been completed correctly.
  8. Transmit and explain work orders to Employment Program Participants and volunteers.
  9. Perform the same work duties as those supervised, or perform more complex or skilled tasks, or assist in their performance.
  10. Prepare and maintain important records and reports of information such as volunteer hours logged in the warehouse and office.
  11. Participate in the interview, selection and training of Employment Program warehouse participants.
  12. Assist with preparation of correspondence, reports, and further development of operations.
  13. Report any safety concerns identified in warehouse, vehicle fleet, forklift, office or furniture store to supervisor.
  14. Participate in regular staff meetings.
  15. Load and unload trucks; drive trucks and vans following all safety regulations to and from agency referral and donor sites.
  16. Participate in Catholic Charities of Spokane Volunteer Coordinator collaborations and quarterly meetings.

Define the field of service areas in which your members are serving?


Community Outreach



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